The Truth About ISIS — In Three Short(ish) Videos

I’m just amazed with how off base the majority of people — at least in the West — are wrong about, well, a lot of issues, but one of the main ones being ISIS/ISIL/IS/whatever. People just don’t get it, even when the evidence stares them straight in the face. But I can’t say I blame them for the oversight: If all one reads are mainstream Atlanticist news sources, then  it’s no surprise they are ignorant to the facts, not just unsubstantiated propaganda.

In short, ISIS/ISIL/IS isn’t an organic outcropping of evil Muslims who want to spread chaos and destroy our way of life on the basis that they “hate us for our freedom,” or so we are told. The truth is that ISIS/ISIL/IS/(Insert foreign bogeyman of the week here) is a creation of the West to justify military action on behalf of corporate/banking interests, and to further increase its power through means of surveillance and false measures of “security.”

This idea is nothing new to those more attuned to the actual happenings of the world, but if this is the first place you’ve heard of such heinous suggestion, it may take a while for it to sink in (I know that was the case for me). As mind warping as it may sound to the newcomer, alas, it is true.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m just a crazy, crackpot “conspiracy theorist?” Well then, give these a view, assess the claims, thinking critically about the evidence presented, and make up your own mind. Lord knows the typical mainstream outlet doesn’t lend itself to critical thinking; what’s in the article is unquestionable gospel, or so that’s how it’s presented anyway.

Here’s a good introduction to the topic:

Something a little deeper:

And Russian President Vladimir Putin himself explaining the creation of ISIS:

There you have it.

So while Facebook friends continue to post pseudo hard-hitting, investigative pieces on “the shocking of truth about ISIS,” without at all mentioning its Western origins and financing, remember these videos.


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