In Light of Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover Photo, More Thoughts on Transgenderism

This is just wrong:

Caitlyn Jenner, Formerly Bruce, Introduces Herself in Vanity Fair

The photo referred to in the link was the talk of my workplace Monday morning, and is probably the buzz across all media — social or otherwise, at least in a country when this type of thing counts as “news.” I won’t post the photo here so as to spare you from the strange, unnaturalness of it all, but will offer this “loving” sentiment his daughter Kendall Jennings tweeted:

be free now pretty bird [sic]

Wrong and wrong again.

I guess this counts as bravery in our culture — someone mutilating their body and perverting the natural order. And I guess it counts as “freedom,” too. Here was the embodiment of a “man’s man” as it were: an Olympic gold medalist in the decathalon, and once held the world record in that event. (Interesting to note: all the gender-specific pronouns in Jenner’s Wikipedia page are now “she” and not “he.” The following is especially ridiculous: “She was the 1976 recipient of the James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the United States. Jenner was also the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year in 1976.” The insanity of it all would be comical if it weren’t so tragic.)

But now, Bruce … er, I mean, “Caitlyn,” if that what he calls himself, has emasculated himself to the point of extreme femininity as if to appear as a woman. And yet, he is still not a woman, nor will he ever be. Such is something a person can change. Rather, it is God who assigns us our gender, and no amount of celebrity prowess, expensive procedures or bloviated justifications can change that. And this is not “freedom” as Kendall or others would suggestion, but bondage, for anything that distorts the image of God within us is tantamount to slavery. It is utter debasement.

Bruce: You are still a man. That’s how you were made. You will never be a woman. Such a transformation is both unnatural and impossible. It is against God and nature. It will only bring you ruin. And the fact that this occurred on such a wide, public scale, it will only further encourage and glorify this type of sinful behavior. Because it is a sin. Calling it something else would be misleading and misguiding.

This confusion is not something to be celebrated, but rather lamented and spoken out against. It is emblematic of a larger problem — that is, alienation from Christ. We all have our sins, our passions, our crosses to bare. Mine might not be Bruce’s (God forbid!) but we all suffer from some form of twistedness. But it’s that brokenness we take before Christ, with humility and repentance, and He helps us through His divine grace. Orthodox Christians have the optimal tools for this grace; we just have to use them. For those outside the Faith, those without the tools of grace, we must pray that God speaks to them in the language they can understand, for nobody lives and sinnest not.

I have my own struggles of the flesh, so in a way, I share in Bruce’s pain — and, moreover, in humanity’s pain. But peace of soul comes not from taking estrogen/hormone pills, breast/beard implants, or reshaping one’s privates, but through God’s love, which, in the words of St. Paul, “surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7).”

Readers, please pray for Bruce, and for myself as well, the latter of whom is the first among sinners.


I know this infant-stage blog doesn’t hasn’t seen too many posts lately (or in its history, for that matter), but with school wrapping up, I hope to publish more of my forbidden viewpoints. For the next post, expect something on the topic of global warmin…I mean, “climate change” … and how the settled “science” may not be all that settled.

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