Some Thoughts on Transgenderism

Is the answer "no?"

Is the answer “no?”

A few days ago, I saw this poster outside one of the mens rooms of the school I attend. You can see the poster on the right.

What follows in the smaller print is a further explanation about how the school plans to install a third type of bathroom for those whose gender is open to interpretation, depending on the day of week and/or the mood of said person. Of course, I (somewhat) jest on that last point, but do believe that the ideas on this poster illustrate a very sad reality of the times — that the answer to one’s deep dissatisfaction in life lies in the unnatural altering and/or mutilation of one’s body, as well as the forced acceptance and validation of this self-abuse, lest we be labeled as “bigots” or “close-minded.”

While the source of this issue is quite complex–and whether it is indeed part of a larger scheme of intentional social engineering–the fact that this and other spiritually destructive ideas are gaining widespread acceptance is symptomatic of a larger, much deeper, ailment of modern society: that is, the turning away from Christ and His commandments. I commonly hear, even among fellow people of the Faith, that because God is Love, then He must approve–nay, bless and sanctify–a same-sex relationship and value it equally as a heterosexual union. He, God, must also approve of people seeking to alter their gender (as if such a thing were possible) because, after all, God is Love, and “Love” apparently means being OK with the unnatural changing our fundamental biology, something He fitted and formed us with and as before we were born. If God were indeed fine with this, then why would’ve He created two distinct genders from the dawn of time, rather than leaving it “open to interpretation” of the first humans, Adam and Eve? If gender is subjective and changeable, then it is ultimately useless; the titles of God the Father and the Son, the Theotokos (Mother of God), and so forth, are meaningless and carry no weight if such are as changeable as one’s whims. Of course, if someone doesn’t believe in God or hold fast to the traditions of the Church, then the previous paragraph means nothing, and is just further proof that I’m a close-minded jerk. But the Truth is the altering of someone’s God-given gender has not and never will be condoned by the teachings of Christ or any of the Fathers of the Church.

This all may seem like vitriolic hatred, but it isn’t; I do not have hate in my heart for these individuals, but love. It’s this love that compels me to call a spade a spade, a sin a sin, and this is a sin — a very serious, unnatural, and very apparent sin. I speak out about this because I have a brief glimpse of the affects of this idea of trying to alter one’s gender, and see how harmful it truly is. This is not a beautiful thing to be encouraged and celebrated, but rather, something to be warned about, discouraged and mourned, especially in these times. And while this is a very serious sin, I must be mindful of my own faults, he who am “first among sinners(1 Timothy 1:15).” I am broken like them — and the rest of humanity — and though my brokenness manifests itself differently, I must work with Christ and the Church to heal my brokenness. In that sense, we are all in this together. But I refuse to accept the lie that transgender mutation is the key to healing, let alone eternal salvation.

Here are some additional resources on the topic. They can explain the truth of this subject better than my own writing:

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’;

Reductio ad Absurdum

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