Greetings, and welcome to my new, nondescript, generic WordPress blog. There are plenty of similar blogs on the Internet, so I don’t expect this one to stand out from the rest. The reason I’m starting this blog, and writing under a pseudonym, is because I need an outlet through which I can express my unpopular views. Now, I have another blog—whose URL bears my own, real name—but if I were to write about my actual opinion and beliefs, I would likely alienate many of my friends and family. Hence, the anonymous blog.

A little about me: I am a 20-something male who lives in a larger, fairly progressive city, and though I love where I live, there are certain things about the culture here that are quite strange and, dare I say(?), immoral. I should also mention that I am an Orthodox Christian, which automatically puts me at odds with most of the norms of the day; many things deemed as “cool” or “perfectly normal” by today’s standards are, well, not right from the Church’s view, but to discuss such a thing among my peers now would make me the subject of much ridicule. So essentially, I’m unable to express my beliefs and viewpoints for fear of offending someone else. In a way, I’m in a closet of sorts—afraid of expressing who I am, lest I lose all my friends and am deemed a “bigot,” even though my stances aren’t out of hate, but rather, out of love. I’m sure I’ll be expounding on more of those points later, but for this being an introductory post, I’ll leave it at that for now.

I look forward to exploring this blog as a medium for my honest expression, and though I doubt I’ll garner much of a readership, hopefully those who stumble across this site can find something useful. Stay tuned!

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